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Posted by tinako on May 12, 2009

Falafel-and-more Pita

Falafel-and-more Pita

For lunch I had the rest of the falafel, heated up and popped into a toasted pita.  I also put in leftover Vegetable Rice Pilaf, tomatoes, sprouts and jarred salsa.

Tomatoes are another thing I splurge on.  I don’t see the point in buying (or eating) tomatoes that don’t taste good.  I am able to find good ones in the off season – they just cost more.

Dinner was Basil-Cumin-Fennel Potatoes.  The name is pretty much the recipe.  I got it off the internet  when the internet was young, and there were no measurements given.  I have been teased that this is too vague to count as a recipe, so it’s not getting its own page.  You just boil some diced potatoes (leave skins on) for 20 min until tender.  How many potatoes?  As many as you want to eat.  Drain.  Meanwhile, heat up some oil in a frypan, pretty hot.  Put in the potatoes, some minced garlic, and some cumin.  At a guess I’d say I had 3 c potatoes, and with it I put in 2 cloves garlic and about a tsp cumin.  Add salt and fry until it starts to brown or you want to eat anyway.  The original recipe called for fennel seeds, but I didn’t use them today.  Turn off the heat and you can toss in some chopped fresh basil.  I meant to try cilantro instead but forgot.  So I guess I made Cumin-Potatoes.

These can be served as a side dish or you can wrap them up in a soft tortilla.  You could put salsa or vegan sour cream in the tortilla, too.  Or unsweetened soy yogurt if there is such a thing.  Don’t forget the hot sauce.

I make variations of this sometime, so here is an easy side, Pan-fried potatoes.  Boil the diced potatoes for 20 min and drain.  Heat oil in a frypan and fry the potatoes with your choice of herbs plus salt and pepper.  I will often use olive oil and sage or crushed rosemary, either fresh or dried.  Thyme would probably be good, or maybe chili powder, or curry powder?  You could use vegan margarine instead of oil.  Or you can probably skip the oil/frying altogether and just toss the potatoes in the herbs.

Cumin Potatoes, Tofu, Salsa, Vegetable Rice Pilaf, Collard Greens

Cumin Potatoes, Tofu, Salsa, Vegetable Rice Pilaf, Collard Greens

So here is dinner.  I knew I wanted to roll up the potatoes in a whole wheat tortilla, and I knew I wanted to finish off the Pilaf and the Collard Greens.  All I was missing nutritionally was a nut/legume, since the only thing present was the peas in the pilaf.  So I made some microwaved tofu.

Also on the table was salsa for the tortillas, hot sauce for the tortillas and pilaf, and balsamic vinegar and barbeque sauce for the collard greens (pick ONE).

I had half a dark chocolate bar for an evening snack.  They are usually vegan, though I hear that Hershey’s is not.  I don’t know why no one seems to make soy milk chocolate.  I don’t expect Hershey’s to, but how about those overpriced fancy natural lines?

I’m only human.  I get a hankering for chocolate sometimes.  I didn’t used to like dark chocolate, but now I do, but sometimes only the sweeter milk chocolate will do.  So what’s a vegan to do?  This particular vegan makes the world’s smallest batch of fudge.  I took a microwave fudge recipe and veganized and nano-sized it.  It takes less than two minutes, makes about 2 tablespoons, which is just right, and is about the same calories as that half a chocolate bar I just ate.  Plus much cheaper, and right in my cupboard.  I invented it late one night at my in-laws when there had been non-vegan chocolate everywhere all day.  But you’re too mature to do that, aren’t you?

You’re not?  Well, here’s what I do.  I take 1/4 c of powdered sugar (100 calories) and add 1 t each of cocoa, margarine, and soymilk in a small cereal bowl.  You don’t need to mix it, just put it in the microwave on high for 20 seconds.  Give it a stir and repeat.  Give it another stir and repeat.  So that’s three microwaves.  Add a little vanilla, stir, let it cool a bit and eat.  It is tricky to get the microwave timing right for your microwave – you will have to experiment so it isn’t fudge sauce or chisel-ready.

Another vegan option for chocolate craving is a few chocolate chips.  Sometimes I will even melt them in the microwave with a little sugar (or not) and soymilk, then add coconut until it’s thick.  Makes sort of a Mounds bar.

There, I buried my guilty secret under the potatoes and collard greens.  Nah, I don’t feel guilty.  But don’t have this every night.

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