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Enlightenment of the Wave

Posted by tinako on May 18, 2009

It’s time for our zen of the week.  I don’t do this to annoy those of you only looking for recipes.  I do it because I find the same peace in these little zen things that I find in eating a vegan diet.  Both make me feel connected to every other creature, in fact everything around me.  Today’s comic strip is so incredibly profound, it’s one of my favorites.  It will fit into any belief system, I think.  It goes great with sub-atomic physics.

Two waves are chit-chatting, and the little wave says, “Oh, how I suffer so.  The other waves are so big, and I’m so tiny.  Some waves are so well off, and I’m so lousy.”

The larger wave answers, “It’s because you haven’t seen clearly your ‘original face’ that you think you suffer.”

“I’m not a wave?  Then what am I?”

“A wave is just your temporary form.  You’re really water!”


“When you realize that your fundamental essence is water, you won’t be confused about being a wave, and your suffering will go away.”

“Oh! I get it!  I’m you, and you’re me.  We’re both part of a greater self!”

The narrator comments: “People selfishly think that they belong only to themselves.  So, they compare themselves with other people, and then they think that they are suffering.  In fact, though, every person is a part of nature.”

You can click “Buddhism” in the Index to the left to see more of this series.


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