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Hodgepodge II

Posted by tinako on September 9, 2009

We have eaten out quite a bit over the last week.  We ate at Camille’s and I got their veggie wrap, but it was 90% lettuce, with just a little carrot and maybe something else too small to see, with mustard.  It wasn’t very big, either, and I was hungry about an hour later.  Boo.  We had a buy one-get one free coupon and they automatically deduct the cost of the cheapest thing, no matter how many things you buy, so I always get to have a little argument with them that it should be the second most expensive thing, but they also always give it to me.  A lot of places try to do that, until I say, “OK, then put them on separate checks.”

We went to a wedding and they served Salat Tangiers from a Moosewood cookbook.  I had not been expecting to be able to eat anything there, so it was especially wonderful!  There was also a terrific salad.  I had noticed the hostess’ herb garden outside, and then I recognized it all over again when I ate the salad.  I asked the hostess about the dressing and she said she began with Garlic Expressions bottled dressing and then added from her herb garden marjoram and three kinds of basil.  I must admit I have sort of shrugged at the thought of growing more than one type of basil, but no more.  She had purple basil, I think Greek basil, and one more kind.  She wished she could grow Thai basil but so far no luck.  Also in her garden she had cilantro, oregano, and thyme.

Refrigerator Soup

Refrigerator Soup

Last night for dinner I made Refrigerator Soup and Quick Rolls.  The rolls were terrible – I accidentally used whole wheat pastry flour instead of all the white flour.  The soup was good, though.  It was garlic in olive oil, then a potato, a carrot, a celery stalk, the kernels from two ears of corn, half a pound of tamari-ed microwaved tofu, diced, and then veggie broth paste, dried thyme and fresh basil.  The tofu and corn were a nice addition to the usual stuff.

I bought half a peck of beautiful hot banana peppers from a farmer for $5.  I sliced them and spread them on baking sheets, froze them and put them in freezer bags.  The first batch I halved and removed all the seeds before slicing, the second batch I included all the pith and seeds, just slicing the whole pepper.  I didn’t think they were too hot when I just ate a slice, but even though I washed my hands afterwards, for the rest of the day when I put a finger in my mouth, whooo!  And then taking out my contact lenses was eye-watering.

I also bought about 15 beets which I washed, trimmed the roots, and boiled.  I have been busy so they are still sitting on my stove, but the skins should slip right off and then I’ll put them in the fridge whole and eat them pretty soon.  One year I canned them, and that worked out great, but I’ve decided my steam canner never worked (it leaks) and I’m sick of dealing with it.


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