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Fat Chance

Posted by tinako on September 12, 2009

Fat Chance

Vegans beware.

Today my kids and I played a game that was my husband’s, called Fat Chance.  I hope it does not come across as too offensive to overweight people; the playing pieces are caricatures of very overweight men.  But this game is not at all about poking fun at people’s weight.  It’s about eating junk food, and boy, does it make its point.  We can’t help feeling queasy, in a very amusing way, when we play this game.  You own a store that sells three things, and your man goes around the board.  When you land on another person’s store, your guy has to eat every pellet on that item’s space.  So you find yourself eating seven pieces of wedding cake.  “Have a big piece of Mont Blanc wedding cake.  Here, have another piece.  Here, have another.  There’s just a few more pieces to go.”  The food illustrations are oversized and decadent, and after a few turns around the board they all look revolting.  The overly eye-catching colors scream commercialism.  It helps that the object of the game is to have as few pellets as possible in your guy, so you groan when you land on a space with twelve hot fudge sundaes.

Fat Chance

Nine hot dogs, anyone?

It is always hilarious, and always makes me want to eat an apple.  A small one.

Dinner tonight was Zucchini Pizza.  That dough recipe is so good, I’m actually sad to see the zucchini running out.  On my side I put olives, banana peppers, patty pan squash, and shitake mushrooms.

I made some iced tea in my Bodum tea pitcher with just dried mint leaves (about 3T) and a packet of Stevia.  It is good!

Almond Biscotti

Almond Biscotti

Last night I watched “Totally Vegetarian,” my favorite cooking show, catching up on summer episodes.  They made Biscotti, and I thought that would be good for a bake sale tomorrow, so I made a batch to try.  We’re good to go!


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