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The General Makes a Mean Stir-fry

Posted by tinako on September 27, 2009

We ate out Friday at a good Mexican takeout place, Sol Burrito.  I like their tofu burrito.

Saturday we ate at my favorite Chinese restaurant, Golden Dynasty.  They have such a nice selection of vegetarian dishes, and it’s obvious that more care had been taken in flavoring the dishes than at your average takeout joint.   They use lots of fresh ginger, and unusual mushrooms.  I usually get General Tsang Soy.  By “soy” they mean some kind of battered, deep-fried chewy soy protein.  I’m not sure what it is, because it’s way better than seitan or TVP.  It’s probably more processed, too, but it’s a nice treat.  They also offer brown rice.

For dessert I made a Cocoa Cake.

We closed up my folks’ cottage and brought home the last of the garden produce: a zucchini the size of my leg (good for shredding for use in baked goods), another bag of tomatoes, and 5 kohlrabis.  So I’ve been snacking on kohlrabi a lot.  I also brought home all the mint to dry for tea.  The car smelled good.

Sunday I made Zucchini Pizza, and my side had tomato sauce, shitake mushrooms, banana and mole peppers, olives, and I tried some diced kohlrabi.  It was good.


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