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Posted by tinako on October 4, 2009

Breakfast was Waffles with leftover Orange-Blueberry Syrup.

For dinner I made Zucchini Pizza but also experimented with a Calzone for myself.  It came out well.  I am picky about calzones – I like the crust just so; my homemade ones have always been too tough, and even many restaurants don’t measure up.  I’d place today’s trial about in the middle of the restaurant pack, though of course I don’t eat restaurant calzones any more.  I just used a piece of the pizza dough, and probably it was the semolina and whole wheat flour that made it too “grainy.”  But it was lighter than my usual attempt, maybe because I rolled it out quite thin.  The filling was fine.

So here’s how I did it: I took a baseball-sized hunk of dough and rolled it out quite thin, 1/4 inch I guess.  Then I spread about 1/4 c of leftover Cashew Ricotta on half the dough, maybe 1/2″ deep.  Leave 1″ around the edge.  I put on some raw broccoli and mushrooms.  Spinach or Swiss chard probably would have been good.  Fold the uncovered half over and press the edges with a fork.  Put it on an oiled baking sheet.  I baked it at 350 for 30 minutes.  In the last five minutes I put in the pizza.  At 30 minutes I took out the calzone and turned up the heat for the pizza, and let the calzone cool for the 10 minutes until the pizza was ready.  I topped the calzone with Marinara I made today from almost the last of the roma tomatoes.

By the way, I had noticed that since coming home, the zucchini pizza dough was not rising well.  I think it is because I am using zucchini from the fridge instead of right off the plant – it’s too cold.  So today, after kneading the dough, I microwaved it two minutes on 30% power.  It got nice and warm and rose really well.

Dessert was leftover Apple Pie.

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