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Disturbing Animal Videos I Have Seen…

Posted by tinako on October 5, 2009

…and one I haven’t.

I don’t make a hobby of this, but there is no substitute for seeing firsthand the abuse, sometimes sadistic, sometimes just a part of the process, which farm animals endure on a day-to-day basis.  These are not videos of unusual circumstances, but widespread business as usual.  When I read about abuse, while it is often upsetting, it somehow feels distant.  But when the events unfold in front of my eyes, it’s something else entirely.   I watched these singly over many years, and it takes me a while to work up the courage, but I don’t regret seeing a single one.

1. Wegman’s Cruelty – 27 min, this is probably the least violent film here, with no direct abuse shown, only quiet neglect.  It documents conditions in a battery cage egg farm.  For every egg we eat, a chicken has to live like this for 24 hours.  [Oops, that link wasn’t working any more – try this one (lower right of page).]

2. Hy-line Hatchery – 3 min.  Buying cage-free?  Egg farms do not hatch their own chicks.  All chickens come from hatcheries, which all are systemically violent.

3. Meet Your Meat – 12 minutes, an overview of food animal practices, narrated by Alec Baldwin

4. Aviagen Turkey Abuse – Watch this and you will understand why many vegetarians and vegans are sad about Thanksgiving. No matter how stupid you think turkeys are, nothing deserves to be treated like this.  Or there’s Butterball Abuse.

Think these are isolated cases?  At this site you can pick an animal, pick a slaughterhouse, and then watch the cruelty unfold.

Somebody ate the animals in these films without a thought.  I ate meat for 22 years.  No chance I ate these particular animals, but I ate ones just like them.  Same suffering, different day.

Here is one I will probably never watch, though I just watched the trailer (deep breath now): Earthlings, a feature-length documentary narrated in a soothingly calm voice by Joaquin Phoenix.  Here is a review of it.

Why do I occasionally watch these videos?  They are the most powerful affirmation there is that I’m doing the right thing.  If I ever, after becoming vegan, felt the slightest urge to have a supermarket muffin, these images were there, not to torment me, but to empower me.  If someone tries to ridicule my choice, the images I’ve seen form the wellspring of my conviction that this is wrong.  I am so grateful to know.


One Response to “Disturbing Animal Videos I Have Seen…”

  1. Sarah said

    Yes! Use it as empowerment. If not, it is only a disturbing image stamped on your brain. I, too, am happy to know, for ignorance is NOT bliss.

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