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Lava Cake

Posted by tinako on October 10, 2009

Lunch was another No-queso Quesadilla, this one a bit odd with mustard greens, corn, salsa, and frozen cilantro.  It was a very good combination – somehow it came together as more than the sum of its parts.





We went apple picking this afternoon, picking mostly Empires (which were more tart) and Jonagolds (which were more sweet).  I put the Empires in the fruit bin of the fridge, but left the Jonagolds in their basket in the garage.  I remember that last year I neglected an extra basket of apples out there until I was afraid they would freeze (well after frosts outdoors), and then half-heartedly moved them into our pantry closet, which hangs out into the garage and is around 45 degrees all winter (great for beer!).  The apples kept better in there than in the fridge!  We also picked a quart of red raspberries which I mostly froze, just pouring them right into a freezer bag.

I made more sushi today, to use up the leftover Tempeh and half a can of bamboo shoots.  I also put on some chives from my garden, as I usually do, but on the last roll I ran out of Tempeh so dribbled on a little hoisin sauce.  They were all good.

My husband went to pick up dinner from a burrito place, and while he was gone I whipped up a Lava Cake.

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

The Iron Chef.  Can you spot the difference?

The Iron Chef. Can you spot the difference?

While we ate dinner we watched The Iron Giant which turned out to be nothing like The Iron Chef.

We liked it very much.  The only thing food-related I have to say about it is that there is a scene in which hunters kill a buck, and it is clear in yet another movie that most people are very uncomfortable with the idea that a living animal is killed for food, if they have made a personal connection to the animal.  It is too bad for the animals we didn’t get to know.


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