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More Cheesy Pizzas

Posted by tinako on November 1, 2009

After finding out that the “Cheeseless Veggie” pizza I’ve been ordering has cheese in the sauce (they wrote back and said they’re trying to fix that), I started wondering about the place we order pizza from every week to take over to my parents.  I asked and sure enough, there is cheese in the sauce.  So then I asked if they could just put olive oil on for me, and they said they don’t have plain olive oil, only a mix that has… what do you think?  Cheese!  I don’t really have a say in restaurant choice in this case, so we picked up a pizza there for everyone else and had to make a separate stop at Panera Bread for something for me.  I like Panera better, anyway.

I’m not disappointed, just aggravated.  Red sauce.  It’s so simple and delicious.  It doesn’t get better with cheese.  No one notices the cheese in their sauce on their pizza.  So why?  The reason this is such a pain is that it eliminates an entire class of safety food.  I could always count on cheeseless pizza or, bottom of the barrel, pasta marinara.  If the new trend is to put cheese in the olive oil, what is next?  Egg salt?  Whey in the baking powder?  Flour fortified with bacon drippings?

I have to take a deep breath and remember that the world does not revolve around me and my choices.

But it’s still a pain.


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