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Lava Cake

Posted by tinako on November 7, 2009

I made a batch of Hummus today from the last of the chickpeas I had cooked.  I had some for lunch with some Pita Bread I was surprised to find at the back of the freezer.  Unfortunately, the pita had to have been about 6 months old and tasted more than it should have of my freezer.  But it was edible, and the hummus was awesome.

This was our Saturday to eat out, and we went with my favorite Chinese restaurant where I got the same thing I always do.  What a rut I’m in when it comes to eating out.  It was General Tsang Soy, fried and drenched in sauce and totally unhealthy.  But then I cancelled that out with a fresh spring roll, so it all worked out.  I had more than my share of a bottle of Reisling with this, and paid for that the next day.

Lava CakeDessert was wonderful.  I made a Dr. Oetker Organic Lava Cake, with  2 T ground flax seed and 6 T water in place of the 2 eggs, which works fine.  I had to calculate the amounts of egg substitute after consuming the more than half bottle of Reisling, but I did it right!  I say I made a cake, but the package actually makes four little muffin-sized ones.  Watch out, the non-organic lava cake mix has milk in it.

PD_TurtleTrailsBecause this goes SO well with vanilla ice cream, we also had Purely Decadent Turtle Trails.


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