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The Holiday Weekend

Posted by tinako on November 28, 2009

Since I knew there’d be a lot of food here at my in-laws’ this time, I didn’t bring too much with me, just what I said I’d make for Thanksgiving, some dried lentils and chickpeas (so versatile in case I needed to make something), ground flax seed and vegan chocolate chips (can be hard to find), whole wheat bread and our favorite peanut butter and jelly.  Also two cake pans, a wooden spoon, and my recipe box.  And I always bring my margarine, soy milk, and our favorite juices.  And the only vegetable I didn’t use up last week, half a bag of lettuce.  I didn’t bother making a menu like I usually do.

For the car I made PBJ sandwiches and popcorn and brought apples.

Thursday for lunch I made chickpea salad to put on sandwiches.  I had forgotten to bring any vegan mayo, which would have made it a little better, it was pretty good with jut mashed canned chickpeas, chopped carrots and celery, and Ken’s Italian Dressing.  Lettuce and tomato on wheat bread and it was good.

We had a nice Thanksgiving.  My mother-in-law made a lovely quinoa salad that I enjoyed, and also used my margarine and soy milk to make the mashed potatoes.  It turns out Stove Top Stuffing is made with chicken or beef broth, I guess, so I skipped that.  There was a wonderful green salad, and a nice chunky cranberry salad with fruit and nuts and coconut.  Squash, too.  My plate was full, full, full!  Dessert was a wonderful fruit salad with sorbet.

I offered to make an entree for myself, but my mother-in-law said she wanted to do it.  She asked me to make bread, so I made baguettes.  I think I used too much flour – the dough was weird right from the kneading, and the end result was not as good as usual.  The recipe is from Julia Child, but since it wasn’t terrific this time I don’t feel moved to post the recipe.

Friday I made a cake for dessert, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake.  It came out very well.  Everybody really liked it and wanted the recipe.

Saturday we went out to Boston’s Gourmet Pizza again.  I ordered the same thing, a cranberry-pecan salad, no feta, and a whole wheat Florentine pizza with no sauce (has butter in it) or cheese.  The salad was very good, but the pizza they didn’t do so well this time.  I asked for olive oil and lots of vegetables, and I don’t think they really did that. What I got was kind of like a plain pita with a quarter cup of veggies in the center.  I asked for some olive oil and drizzled that on, which helped, but if I order this again, I will tell them (nicely) that if they can’t cover it with veggies, to just skip the whole thing.  Anyway, I did not go hungry.


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