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Happy Vegan Moment

Posted by tinako on December 12, 2009

We ordered Chinese food for dinner.  I called my favorite place and asked about their “Vegetarian Menu.”  I had always assumed vegetarian meant vegetarian, but with my recent experiences with cheesy “cheeseless pizza” and restaurants putting cheese in their olive oil, I figured I had better ask.  So I asked the guy if there was any beef or chicken broth in the items on the vegetarian menu.  He paused and sounded very surprised, astonished anyone would ask such a silly question.  “No, they’re vegetarian.   Vegan.”  I could have kissed him, especially after a trip last week to Starbucks when without any hope whatsoever, I gestured to the pastries and politely asked the clerk or whatever they call themselves, “I don’t suppose any of these are vegan?”  She gave me a scornful look and said, “Pft.”  That is a direct quote.  Then she made me pick out my tea from a rack of boxes ten feet away on the wall behind her.  I was likely to fail this eye test and end up with Anchovy Green Tea, so I asked if there was a list so I could see them and she said yes but they were out of most of them anyway.  I ended up picking “the one in the light green box,” and luckily it was OK.   Quality service explains the prices at Starbucks.


For dessert I made blondies from a Dr. Oetker Organics mix, using vegan margarine and 2 T flax seed + 6 T water.  It tasted OK, but was nothing like a brownie or blondie and did not look like the picture on the box.  The top was weird, like it had been fried in butter, and it was really hard to get out of the pan.  I guess this mix doesn’t veganize as well as the Lava Cake.  Never fear, I’ll find a recipe.


One Response to “Happy Vegan Moment”

  1. Oh my, I laughed so hard and loud when I read the part about the starbucks employee!
    I will enjoy reading the rest of your blogs! Have a great day.

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