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Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Posted by tinako on December 14, 2009

Cherrybrook Kitchen

Tonight we went to a family gathering, and since once of my relatives is celiac (cannot eat gluten), I brought gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from a Cherrybrook Kitchen mix. I just love that this company doesn’t make you choose between dietary needs. It’s gluten free and nut free and dairy free and egg free. It is also all-natural with recognizable ingredients, and was on sale to boot. My daughter said they were the best cookies she had ever had in her (7-year) life. …Until they cooled, at which point she wouldn’t touch them. But everyone else said they were very good, and my relative appreciated them. My husband pointed out that they were missing the usual brown-sugar flavor, and I agreed they had more of a sugar cookie flavor. But they were darn good.

I also brought a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake, with 1/2 t almond extract and 1/2 t vanilla, just to make it a little different. It came out great, tender on the inside, crispy on the top.


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