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Soup Night

Posted by tinako on December 15, 2009

Garlic and Greens Soup

I made cinnamon raisin Bagels this afternoon.  To the regular bagel dough I added 1 t cinnamon and about 1/2 c raisins.

Dinner was Garlic and Greens Soup.  I added half a leftover can of pinto beans, and sprinkled some Tabasco on my serving.  It was very good, as always.

Light Rye Bread

With this we had Coiled Light Rye Bread.  You are supposed to make two big coils, but I wanted to hurry the baking on a bit so I made 16 coiled rolls instead.  This bread does not have a heavy rye flavor – it’s very good.  I substituted 1 c white wheat flour for white flour and they were still very, very light.

Rainbow Carrots, Bok Choy, Tuscan Kale, and Braeburn Apples

Dessert was leftover gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and vegan brownies from the Winter Farmer’s Market.  I went to the market with $15 and came back with three yummy brownies and this:

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