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Seaweed and Fungus Shopping

Posted by tinako on January 5, 2010

Seaweed and Fungus

I went to an Asian grocery again today.  Many people consider seaweed and fungus to be at best disgusting and at worst, pests to property.  Not me!  I paid $17 for the dried stuff shown here.  And that daikon radish. I thought the prices were excellent considering how much they will expand when soaked.

I had been to this store before but had not noticed the corner at the back that was just loaded with these things.  This time I was talking to the owner and learned some things.

She said the shiro miso I had bought last time would be fine with wakame seaweed, despite this article telling me the salty and sweet would taste weird together.

She also told me that kombu seaweed (in the green bag) is best for stock and many people find it too tough to actually eat, though you can certainly eat it if you like.  Wakame seaweed is more tender, better for eating.

I bought the daikon because it’s supposed to be good in miso soup.

I hid all that stuff in the pantry because if my husband saw it he would think I went completely around the bend.  So there it lurks.


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