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Spring Rolls

Posted by tinako on January 21, 2010

Asian Greens and Tofu Soup

My parents came for dinner and, with New Year’s resolutions in mind, I made Asian Greens and Tofu Soup. We also had microwaved broccoli.

Normally I would serve a starch like a bread with soup, but my friend had told me how she makes Spring Rolls, so I decided to give them a try. Even though they’re normally appetizers I guess, I served them right at the table.

Fresh Spring Rolls

I had bought the rice wrappers a long time ago because they were cheap and vegan and it seemed like it would be fun, but then like the sushi, I never had the courage.  But with my friend’s encouragement, I made them today.  I found them harder than sushi, both in preparation time and in results achievable for a beginner.  She said they take some practice.  They ended up tasting very good, but they were messy.  To be fair, the ones you get from a restaurant are kind of messy too.  I called her after I made the first one and she gave me some more tips.  I’m posting what I did, but I’m not even sure I deserve to be called an amateur at this.

Colossal Chocolate Chippers

We had oolong tea with  dinner, and I made Colossal Chocolate Chippers for dessert.


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