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Chickpea Crepes

Posted by tinako on January 25, 2010

I wasn’t in the mood to cook much tonight.  It was just the kids and I, so I made V-BLTs and Swiss Chard.

I was too lazy to steam the Swiss Chard (two pots!), so I microwaved like I did for the pizza the other night.  That worked pretty well.  I use the same microwave pot I use for all my other veggies and just put about an inch of water in it.  I press the Fresh Veggie sensor button and it did pretty well.  It might need adjusting the power to “more” to reliably get the stems cooked all the way.  I had tried cooking greens in this pot before but without extra water they dried up.

Chickpea Crepes

I had made Crepes for dessert on Saturday, but I didn’t tell you that that was the second batch of batter I made that night (and ever).  The first batch I had thought would be OK for dessert but it was more savory.  It was Chickpea Crepes from the Totally Vegetarian TV show (aired 7/13/09).  I was dubious about using this for dessert, but Toni had suggested spreading chocolate/hazlenut spread on them and sprinkling with powdered sugar.  That sounds desserty.  But as I was making it, it was the sesame oil that clued me in that this wasn’t going to be sweet enough for us, so I put the batter aside a few days and pulled it out today.

I recommend using a blender instead of a whisk and a strainer.  I tried this in my 8″ cast iron but it stuck terribly, so I gave my 10″ heavy non-stick skillet another go and after the first few, they came out pretty good – used 1/3 c batter.  I think the first few were not so great because the pan wasn’t heated evenly.  I ate my first one wrapped around the Swiss Chard, which was good.  I had another with a little olive oil and freshly ground black pepper.  That was good, too.

But the batter made more than we wanted to eat, so the squirrels got another feast.

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