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Bee Movie

Posted by tinako on February 9, 2010

Here’s a vegan’s-eye-view of Bee Movie: What a letdown.

This was for the kids, and I didn’t expect to find a higher morality in it, but any vegan will find this movie painful.

(Spoilers ahead.)  At first we are shown a hive which has all the modern conveniences.  There was a lot that was funny and interesting, a satire of our culture.  Then, amazingly, the bees take a honey company to court and win, and a wonderful, anti-exploitation message is put forth.  I looked at my husband wide-eyed and said, “This movie is vegan!”  Feel that glow.  Enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of vegan love as you reach for the stop button.  Because after this, the movie is much less funny and entertaining, and for a vegan, agonizingly illogical.

The rest of the movie is spent showing that the conclusions reached in the courtroom are disastrous.  Are you ready?  Here it is: Bees can’t be allowed to keep their honey, because they will become lazy.  They will not pollinate anymore.  This means that every plant on earth, including trees and grass, will wither and die within a week.  Central Park turns completely brown and lifeless.  Thank goodness for the upcoming Rose Bowl Parade, which holds the last flowers on the planet.

Just in case you daydreamed through your fourth grade biology unit, all grass and most trees are pollinated by the wind, many other insects and animals pollinate flowers, failure to be pollinated does not result in death of the plant but in failure to seed, and cut flowers do not have the energy to make seeds no matter how many bees get in there.  Bees and flowers have been around hundreds of millions of years longer than beekeepers – they managed to develop their mutually beneficial relationship without our help.

I know, I know…it’s a kids’ animation.  I expect it to be illogical, to a degree.  I expect them to break the laws of gravity and thermodynamics.  I expect bees to drive cars and wear sweaters.  But somehow, to have the plot absolutely hinge on the idea that bees must make honey for people seems a different level of idiocy.  And the botany, the butchered botany…sob.

I am not strongly anti-honey at this point.  That isn’t what bothered me.  It was the message that animals need to be used, for their own good, and for the betterment of our planet.

This movie affirms the belief of every child and adult watching, that we’re doing the right thing when we use animals for our own purposes.


2 Responses to “Bee Movie”

  1. Jenny said

    Amen, I thought the movie portrayed an untrue message about taking honey from bees. They need the honey to get through the winter. What is even sadder is that there are films on honey production used for education purposes that portray the honey industry as humane. I was shocked when I found out the real ungliness of the honey industry.

  2. Neelesh said

    Go vegan. Stop the murder of billions of animals for human consumption. Stop the animal holocaust. See the real world

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