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Lava Cake Goes Pft

Posted by tinako on March 13, 2010


Dinner was a lot of work tonight, due to being out of all the parts that made it up.  First I started the Focaccia.

Lasagna Rollups

Then I made Cashew Parmesan and Cashew Ricotta for Lasagna Rollups.  Then I made Marinara Sauce.  Then I cooked the lasagna noodles and made up the ricotta filling with swiss chard, carrots, and portobello mushrooms.  I even needed to make more Dipping Spices.  I microwaved some broccoli and cooked fettuccine.

Overcooked Lava Cake

Dessert was my third and final try at a Lava Cake recipe from Ashley Skabar at  I just couldn’t get it to work.  She calls for this to take 20-30 min.  The first time, I didn’t hear the timer and it was completely cooked, probably 30-35 min.  The second time, I used all soy milk (instead of soy yogurt, which I didn’t have) and took it out at 20 min – still solid cake, no lava.  This time I took it out at 15 min and it was mostly solid with just a bit of undercooked in the middle, but it just isn’t right.  I want the middle to be totally liquidy, to come pouring out when I cut into it, like hot Hershey’s syrup.  This was more like thick cake, partly undercooked and partly overcooked, and not particularly tasty.  It has no oil in it – I wonder if that’s the problem.

Dr. Oetker’s organic lava cake, on the other hand, is soft and tender on the outside, totally liquidy on the inside, with no unpleasant partially cooked area.  It does this magic with one set of simple dry ingredients: sugar, flour, cocoa, salt and baking soda.  All I add to that is flax seed, water, and I think oil.  All the recipes I’m finding have two sets of ingredients and fussing around with partially cooking the cake and then adding the filling or something.  The recipe fusses with melting chocolate chips and having soy yogurt on hand.

Someday I will find the Lava Cake Recipe of my Dreams.


One Response to “Lava Cake Goes Pft”

  1. Katie said

    That lasagna looks divine! Too bad about the home-made lava cake! Looking forward to the lava cake recipe of your dreams! 🙂

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