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Chocolate Chip Bars, Take 2

Posted by tinako on March 21, 2010

We got Indian takeout tonight.  Our kids can’t find a single thing they like on the menu, so we usually get takeout quesadillas for them from another place, but with Krista beginning veganism, instead I made No-Queso Quesadillas and a salad for them.

Chocolate Chip Bars

For dessert I had requests for both Vanilla Pudding and another try at Chocolate Chip Bars. So I made both and we ate half of each.

I made the bars differently by eliminating the cinnamon, cutting 2 T of sugar, replacing half the oil with soy yogurt, and cooking for 25 minutes.  For whatever reason, there was no need to add that extra T of water this time.

They were no longer greasy or underdone this time, but they were too cakey.  And I think still sweeter than they need to be – I typically cut sugar in dessert recipes.  The yogurt was sweetened, so that may be why cutting the sugar didn’t make any difference.  So they were good, but more changes are needed.

I just looked up what makes brownies fudgy or cakey, and someone suggested that adding an egg makes brownies fudgy without being greasy.  So perhaps 1 T ground flax seed would help.  Next time I’ll try that and 3/4 c sugar.  I may also think about cooking them a little less – maybe the undercooked taste will be better without all the oil.  It’s also possible that I overdid it with the yogurt.

I have no fear, I will boldly try, and try again.


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