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Posted by tinako on April 2, 2010

I made Pizza for dinner, and my side had marinara, basil, shiitake, olives, green peppers, garlic, hot pepper flakes, and leftover Black Beans.

Later I went out for a while with a group of people from Vegetarian Meetup.  We went to King David’s restaurant, a Middle Eastern place.  I just ordered a salad, since I’d already eaten.  I wasn’t blown away by the food.  The salad was 95% iceberg, and the waitress told me the tahini dressing had dairy and she could only suggest olive oil for me.  So I had oily lettuce.   After she told two more people she thought the tahini had dairy, she reluctantly checked and it turned out she was wrong, so I could have had it.


2 Responses to “Meetup”

  1. Pizza is one of the rare treats that we can find vegan versions of in non-vegan restaurants. A big shout-out to Pizza Heaven and Z-Pizza here in Phoenix! Everyone seems to be shouting about the new Daia vegan cheese these days, but after so long ordering pizza without cheese I prefer it without cheese substitute now. Pizza for me is all about the quality of the crust and the toppings, not about drowning it in melted anything.

    If using a cheese substitute I prefer Follow Your Heart over the Daia; Daia leaves me feeling bloated like I’ve just consumed a cup of vegetable oil and flour. That’s too much like actual cheese and was just one of the reasons why I moved away from it. Other people (my wife included) really enjoy the Daia, so we end up buying some of each. Maybe the trick is in which dish you use which product. Have you and your readers expressed preferences?

  2. tinako said

    I totally agree with you on the cheese – I had Follow Your Heart recently and it was fine, but I didn’t want it all over my pizza. I can’t think of anything I do want it on. I prefer fresher food now. I say all this while full of Easter candy. : P

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