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Posted by tinako on April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny filled our new little vegan’s basket with all sorts of vegan junk food that I believe he found in the bulk section of our supermarket.  Mostly Smarties-type candies, there were necklaces, lollypops, Pez, jelly beans, and Wonka Runts Speckle Eggs, which were very popular.  For chocolate there was a Boom Choco Boom rice milk chocolate bar.  No one noticed a lack of chocolate eggs or bunnies.

We didn’t do a special dinner, just our usual Sunday night at my parents’ house, with non-vegan pizza and for the vegans, frozen meals.

My daughter had Rising Moon Organic Stuffed Shells and green beans.  She said the shells were really good.  They were kind of expensive, though, at $4.69 for the three shells.  Compare with the Amy’s meals, which are $3.50.

I had another Amy’s meal, Light in Sodium Whole-Meal Veggie Loaf.  It was fine, and  I would buy this again.  I didn’t miss the sodium.

For dessert my Dad offered the usual So Delicious ice cream stick bars, but also a Marie Callendar’s Razzleberry Pie.  Take a look at that ingredient list – that’s almost what I’d put in a pie in my own kitchen.  And it was SO good.  You could see the big blackberries in there.  Way to go, Marie!


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