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Traveling, Day 1

Posted by tinako on April 17, 2010

Apples, oranges, almonds, Cracked Pepper Triscuits, pretzels, two kinds of honey-free granola bars, and grapes

We’re going on a vacation, taking planes, trains, and automobiles, and I wanted to make sure that the four of us (including two vegans and a vegetarian) would not get stuck someplace with nothing we wanted to eat.  I pictured us stuck on a runway for eight hours.  So I picked up these things at the grocery store.  The granola bars are vegan but I’m allergic to oats, so they’re not for me.  I also brought two dark chocolate bars.

Unfortunately, our hotel room doesn’t have a kitchen, and for breakfast we are directed to an attached TGIFridays.  I absolutely cannot face TGIFridays at breakfast time.  So I thought I would throw some plastic takeout containers and spoons in the suitcase, and buy some cereal and soymilk when we arrived, for breakfasts for the week.

This morning I made PBJ sandwiches and popcorn, with just salt, in my Whirly Pop.  If you’re used to microwaved popcorn, my popcorn probably tastes very, very plain, but we love it.  I found these nutrition facts.  We all brought water bottles.

So we had sandwiches, popcorn, granola bars, apples, and grapes in the car for a 5-hour trip.

For dinner, we had scouted out a Panera’s on the way (what did we do before the internet?), but right next door was a Desert Moon restaurant, which we have missed since they pulled out of our city.  So we went there.  I had a burrito with black beans, rice, grilled veggies, and tofu – awesome!  My vegan daughter had rice and black beans.  We also had chips and salsa.

It’s really important to me to eat right when we’re away from home – it makes me feel more “at home” when my body is comfortable, not bloated or filled with grease.  Another important part of this is getting exercise.  I ran this morning, knowing I would feel better in the car, not all twitchy.

Day 1 worked out great.


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