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Traveling, Day 2

Posted by tinako on April 18, 2010

My planning came in handy this morning.  There was no breakfast offered at the hotel and we had an early flight, so we had oranges, apples, and granola bars for breakfast while we packed.

We dumped out our water bottles before we went through security, and then filled them again at a drinking fountain.  So on the 6-hour flight we had water, apples, grapes, pretzels, granola bars, and Triscuits.  The plastic takeout containers made it handy to share the stuff between our separate seats.

There was a meal on the flight; it wasn’t vegan, but two of us could eat it: egg and cheese bagel and muffin, and fresh fruit.  We vegans ate the fruit.  The flight attendant said we could order a vegan meal when we made the reservations, but my husband said a meal was never offered.  We weren’t expecting anything anyway.

Time change meant we needed to work a second lunch in there, so we had more of all that stuff for a picnic on the beach after we arrived.

For dinner we went to a P. F. Chang’s.  We got Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps and those were fun.  I had Coconut Curry Vegetables (Stir-fried mixed vegetables, crispy silken tofu and peanuts in a vegetarian coconut curry sauce) – terrific, and my daughter had Baby Buddha’s Feast (Snap peas, carrots and broccoli served stir-fried) and we asked for rice with that.  Our server was super-helpful – it makes all the difference in the world when the server does not seem put out at being asked what is in things.  My husband had wine with his dinner, but due to jet lag, any wine I drank was going to have to come with a pillow.  Instead I had three (3) Diet Cokes (the server kept bringing them, so I kept drinking them).  My husband thought I was insane, but while it perked me up for dinner, I still fought to stay up till 10:00.

Because I knew if I sat around in the room after dinner I’d fall asleep, instead I drove to some cliffs overlooking the beach and took a run.  Perfect.

Dessert was a square of dark chocolate.


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