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Traveling, Day 5

Posted by tinako on April 21, 2010

Same hotel breakfast.   Mid-morning we stopped for some hot drinks at an establishment called the Naked Cafe.  It advertised how fresh the food was, and, as I have noticed before, it was not doughnuts and home fries, but every single breakfast item (about 20 choices) featured eggs.  They offered trendy soy milk with their drinks, but it would have been difficult to get something vegan.  This is the trend I’m seeing in Southern California: healthier but not vegan-friendly.

I had stuffed some almonds, granola bars, and water in a backpack, and was glad I did since we were unexpectedly halfway through a museum at lunchtime, so we ate those all up in an appropriate area.  I glanced at the museum restaurant’s menu and it was all meaty.

After we left the museum, mid-afternoon, we found a nice seaside shopping area with many casual restaurants.  I found a California Wrap that was already vegan (my first unaltered restaurant meal, but also the only item even close to vegan at that restaurant).  It was rice, lettuce, and other fresh veggies wrapped in a tortilla, with soy sauce and mashed avocado on the side.  Yum.  My daughter had spaghetti with cheeseless marinara from another restaurant.

Oh, I saw my first fudge shop.  Also there was a cookie shop, a candy store, and a Ben & Jerry’s all in this same cute ocean-side mall.

We had a late, very casual dinner.  We stopped by a Ralph’s grocery store, which has a terrific deli area with lots of vegan options.  I got tabouleh, couscous salad, and split some fresh strawberries/raspberries/blackberries/blueberries with my daughter.  I also had leftover edamame and P.F. Chang’s coconut curry.  My daughter bought salad and some olives to go with her leftover fetuccine and Chang’s rice and veggies.  My son got a salad to go with his leftover pizza.  My husband got salad and some sandwich I didn’t want to ask about.  We ate all this in our hotel room, with wine and dark chocolate.


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