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Belated Blog-iversary

Posted by tinako on April 28, 2010

I meant to post on my one-year blog anniversary, April 14th, but I forgot, so here it is.

I started this blog somewhat reluctantly, and even though I enjoy doing it, I ask myself frequently (OK, daily) if it’s time to stop. As I was typing yesterday that I had a bagel for breakfast, a voice in my head was saying, “Who on earth would care about your bagel??”

I guess I am writing stuff like that for the new vegans or those considering it or morbidly curious, people who assume that vegans eat sprouts for breakfast and then pass furtive, longing glances at their coworkers’ McMuffins.  I write it because when people ask me, “What do you eat?” I have no idea what to answer.  I eat so many things, it’s impossible to summarize.  “I eat a lot of beans, and, uh, veggies I guess,” doesn’t begin to describe my diet.  Now I have an answer to that question; it’s in the categories across the top of this blog, and in the daily accounts of how I put those together into meals.  In this blog is a year of vegan eats, everything I’ve cooked or ordered, the holidays, the birthdays, the vacations, and the day-after-day choices.

Also important to me is to include my thoughts about food.  As a vegan, I think I see many things differently from non-vegans.  Almost any book I read or movie I see, I see from a different corner of the room, it means something different to me.  I’ve tried to express, not just my opinion, but that there is a different way to think, that the way most people think is not the only way, that it’s a choice, and have we considered whether it’s the best?  Have we given it real thought at all?

That’s what I’m trying to convey – not that I’m right, but that it’s worth thinking about.

If I had a readership of one (me), I would stop writing, but I get enough hits that I continue.  I am able to track a few things, and maybe you would be interested to find out what people are reading.

I can’t track identifiable individuals at all, thankfully, but I now get an average of 43 hits per day, about double from a year ago (since I had less content).  Of those, 17 per day on average are my home page (the collection of recent blog postings, including paging back), and the rest are specific pages.  Always at the top of that list is Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread, my most popular page with 52 hits per month.  Cinnamon Apple Pie is another popular recipe – both good choices – those recipes are delicious!  People are also interested in Quirky Gadgets (240 hits since posting) – I think the vintage Oster blender pulls them in – probably they have one and want to see what it’s worth – sorry, I don’t know!  Lately my Vegan Vitamin D has gotten a lot of hits – that’s a hot topic.

I’m always amazed at the number of hits my Parzival and Luke post gets – and I can tell from search engine results that it’s not usually Luke pulling them in.  People are searching on Parzival!  I never even heard of Parzival before – I thought a movie must be coming out, but it’s been a while and I haven’t heard anything.  Go figure.

My China Study series and the Zen Speaks comics do well, too.

As I mentioned, I can also see what search terms brought people to me.  Of course, the stats can’t summarize similar terms that people type in slightly differently, but anyway, the number one search term is… wood sorrel.  400 times!  Then whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread (140), vintage blender (110), apple peeler (77), and Parzival (76 ! – Luke Skywalker only gets 41, the loser).  Surprisingly, “nuclear danger” has brought in 64 peeks, I’m guessing just because I once compared a jalapeno slice to a radioactivity sign.  I can’t actually tell what page the search brought them to, but if it was that one, I bet they were disappointed.

Spammers in particular seem to really appreciate my blog.  Several a day tell me it’s “thought-provoking” and that they’re going to bookmark it right now.  They ask me how they can get more hits on their sites, though they seem to have that figured out already – just spam people.  Sometimes they are so inspired they just send me a beatnik poem of search terms.

When the audience starts yawning and goes home, I’ll pack it up and turn out the lights, but for now I get enough hits and enough verbal feedback from friends (it’s even positive!) to continue for a while.  I’d like to conclude with the last two lines of  that lovely poem a spammer sent to me today:

than event forest owner no early museum propose perhaps until film winter overall bird series most
matter excellent prisoner capacity suitable achieve surround step little shot site task arise beside across light list human
– hotels buchen in usa

Let’s see what Google makes of this page.  Peace.


2 Responses to “Belated Blog-iversary”

  1. conradvisionquest said

    happy blog-iversary and what a great post! i can totally relate to seeing things from a different corner than other people, even different from my former self, as trips to the grocery, commercials, movies, and interactions with other people become new experiences.
    and interesting info about the breakdown of your visitors. i always find the blog stats info fascinating.

  2. tinako said

    Thanks, Wendy,

    I agree, I think it’s really neat to be able to see issues from both sides, the way I used to think and a new way I can see now, and consciously decide which makes the most sense – which fits who I want to be. And I think the process of continuing growth and change is really exciting and humbling.

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