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Soup Night

Posted by tinako on May 6, 2010

Refrigerator Soup

We’re on the summer schedule now – Thursdays are soup nights.  Tonight I wanted to use some of that Toasted Celli Rice that didn’t work out so well yesterday – it was a nice addition to today’s soup.  So this was the basic Soup where I clean out my fridge.  I started with half a leftover onion, then added the chopped stalks from some beginning-to-flower broccoli, and I just at this moment remembered I put the chopped heads in the microwave and they’re still there.  Oh well.  Also in the soup was some almost-past-its-prime red Swiss Chard, and a carrot, the only vegetable that wasn’t a desperado.  I added quite a bit of the Celli Rice when I put in the water, and I added some Spike seasoning I’m trying to get rid of.  So, a very successful Refrigerator Soup, and delicious to boot.

Apple Wheat Rolls

I made Apple Wheat Rolls to go with it.  So good.  I put in 3/4 c soy flour in place of white flour.  No taste difference, but it helps the nutrition – I’m not sure it makes it a complete protein, but closer.

Did I ever mention that I usually add 1 T of nutritional yeast for every 3 c of flour whenever I make bread or pancakes or muffins?  It isn’t alive and doesn’t do anything, doesn’t affect the taste or texture, but adds B-12 and some other nutrients.  I do this because I read about “Super Flour” in Super Baby Food by Yaron: For better nutrition, for every cup of flour, first put in the measuring cup a T soy flour, 1 T wheat germ, and 1 t brewer’s yeast (similar to nutritional).  I don’t do this exactly, but use it as a guideline sometimes – the yeast is so little I just add it to the amount of flour.  There are a couple of other flour-enhancing recipes in this book – if you have a baby, you need this book – an incredible value.  Great for up to school-age I would say.

Some cookbooks use large quantities of nutritional yeast (like 1/2 c) to add a cheesy flavor to something like pasta, but I don’t like the flavor of it.  I put cookbooks that do that back on the shelf.

And dessert was leftover Banana Chocolate Chip Cake.


2 Responses to “Soup Night”

  1. Sounds good! Hey, I love to use Spike seasoning when baking bread. Replace the 1 tspn of salt called for in most recipes with 1 Tblspn of Spike. Gives the bread a great flavor and makes fantastic toast / breadcrumbs for stuffing / croutons. I often add other spices in too but this varies depending on what outcome is wanted. Anyway, use Spike in your bread!

  2. tinako said

    Thanks, I’ll try that. I have Salt-free Spike, so I’ll just add it.

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