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Southern Stew and Clever Sheep

Posted by tinako on May 19, 2010


Lunch today was a No-queso Quesadilla, orange, and veggie juice.

Dinner was Southern Stew with Cajun Cauliflower and Corn Sticks.  The stew was from an the article “Soul Food” in the online magazine VegNews, and was very good.  A few things, though: First off, make this in a large pot – When a recipe calls for a large saucepan I usually reach for a 3 qt, but with frying all that sausage I wanted a wider base, and it made a lot of stew so I was glad I used a 4.5 qt.

There were three ingredients I had trouble with in the recipe.  It calls for vegan sausage; well, you can buy Italian sausage links, like hot dogs, or you can buy little breakfast sausage links, or you can buy a log, like Gimme Lean.  Given the cutting directions, I don’t think it’s what they meant, but I bought the latter, and it worked fine; I just cut it into 1/2″ chunks.  The second ingredient I had trouble with was the frozen succotash.  The store didn’t have that, but there was a 1 lb. can of Margaret Holmes Succotash, so I bought that.  My Dad buys this brand a lot, and it has always been good, but it was insufficient for this stew.  It had corn and butter beans in it, but half the can was one big tomato, which I was already adding separately.  I would follow my Dad’s suggestion next time and get a 1 lb. can each of corn and butter beans.  The third questionable ingredient was “hot sauce.”  Well, that can mean a lot of things, and I had to guess.  I nixed my Sriracha and red chili paste and just used Tabasco, but cut the amount in half and was glad I did.  Also, I didn’t put in the burger crumbles – I just don’t care for their heavy flavor.

Dessert was Cocoa Cake.

Today’s anecdote about animal intelligence related by Rae Sikora at Sunday’s Vegetarian Society meeting: Sheep don’t forget a face – a study showed sheep can remember 50 other different sheep faces for over 2 years.  Full PDF.


2 Responses to “Southern Stew and Clever Sheep”

  1. The recipe sounds good (gotta love VegNews). Thanks very much for the sheep face-recognition piece too – very cool!!

  2. I love hummus quesadillas!!!!!!! They are the best!

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