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Saturday Night

Posted by tinako on May 22, 2010


Dinner was Lasagna Rollups, Focaccia, whole wheat spaghetti Marinara, steamed Swiss Chard, and microwaved green beans.

Dessert was Blondies.  I overbaked them and they were very hard to cut, but they were still delicious, if a little greasy.  I wanted way more than a quarter of the pan.

I’ve worked my way through all of Rae Sikora’s animal intelligence anecdotes that I was able to verify.   Here is one of her latest blog posts on the subject.

Now I have two videos my Dad’s cousin forwarded a few years ago that are just lovely.

Two guys in England raised a lion from birth. When he matured, authorities forced them to give him up. They took him to Africa and released him into the wild at a game preserve. They went back several years later to visit the lion, even though they were told he would not remember them. Watch what happened (no sound on this video).

Here’s another one:


2 Responses to “Saturday Night”

  1. Your rollups look good. I have done a bit with cashews but will definitely try to create the ricotta. The lion video brings me to tears every time.

  2. tinako said

    Yeah, I find the videos moving, too.

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