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Frozen Dinners

Posted by tinako on May 23, 2010

Routines make things easy.  Every Sunday we take non-vegan takeout pizza to my parents, and my daughter and I bring frozen entrees to microwave.  She cycles through Rising Moon Organics’ three noodle-and-“ricotta” choices, with the noodles in a shell shape, flat shape (lasagna) or flat shape rolled up (manicotti).  She loves them all.  I bring a serving of frozen green beans for her, too.  My last two meals have been Helen’s Kitchen Asian Meals, red curry and a yellow curry.  They are good.  I don’t do professional-type taste-testing reviews giving my sense of the delicate nuanced flavors; “it was fine” is the best you’re getting from me.

Lately my Dad has had (vegan) jelly beans in the candy dispenser, which is nice.  And there is always Soy Delicious chocolate coated “ice cream” on a stick, which is wonderful.


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