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Collard Greens!

Posted by tinako on May 29, 2010

Cottage Garden

We arrived at my parents’ cottage this morning, the second visit of the season, and this was my garden (after the waist-high grass had been hacked away from around it).   It would have been very discouraging, except that most of the weeds were edible.  There’s garlic growing, but mostly that big bunch of leafies is collard volunteers, so I picked some for dinner.

Cooked the first meal of the season here, despite a cranky water system and husband and dad sticking out from under the kitchen sink until about 6:30 pm.   Step one of all the recipes was to wash the mouse droppings out of the pots with the newly repaired sink.

Curried Lentils, Chiocciole, and Broccli

Then I made Curried Lentils with the collards as the greens.  I didn’t want to wait for rice to cook, so I made pasta, whole wheat Bionatura Chiocciole (web site says to say key-ah-cho-lay and it means snail.  Those wacky Italians).  The curried lentils are a sauce to pour on the pasta.  And then we also had steamed broccoli with balsamic vinegar on the side.  It was all very good.


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