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Another Ice Cream Recipe

Posted by tinako on May 31, 2010

Home again, we ordered from Panera Bread, and both of us vegans ended up eating something non-vegan by mistake.  Live and learn.  I’m beginning to realize it’s almost impossible to be sure of what’s in prepared food.  In this case I checked the menu and asked the order taker, but both were wrong and I needed to check the web site.  FYI, there is honey in the bread that the Mediterranean Veggie comes on, and they have added pesto to their vegetable soup but it wasn’t on my menu.  I think you can order it without, and you can probably find a bread without honey.  As long as you know about it, that is.  They do have good food and vegan options, so I like eating there – I dropped them a line to see if they could make their menu and/or their staff more vegan-knowledegable.  I asked for vegan muffins while I was at it.

It is hot and I wanted to make ice cream for dessert but did not have any Mori-Nu tofu, so I found a recipe online that uses soy creamer, which I did have.  The ice cream had a very nice texture and an odd but not unpleasant cinnamon-almond flavor, probably due to the arrowroot powder and the almond milk I used.  Here is the recipe source and here is my post for Arrowroot Ice Cream.


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