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Coconut Collards

Posted by tinako on June 3, 2010

Cuban Black Bean Soup

Agave Wheat Rolls

Dinner tonight was Cuban Black Bean Soup, Agave Wheat Rolls, and Coconut Collards.

Coconut Collards

Coconut Collards was my own invention based on the dish I had last night at Wegman’s.  I had about 1 c leftover coconut milk with most of the cream removed for Ice Cream, so thinner than typical.  I put this in a large saucepan with a minced garlic clove and about 2 t shredded ginger and let it simmer 20 min to infuse a bit.  Then I added about 1 qt frozen collard greens and just thawed them since they were already blanched.  If you had fresh, you would just put them in earlier, maybe everything all at the same time.  Salt to taste.  I thought they were very good, a nice break from the usual way I serve them, with balsamic vinegar or BBQ sauce.


Dessert was Blondies.  I thought they were good, maybe a little oily; cut the margarine back to 5 T next time.  My Dad didn’t like the chocolate chips in it.  I watched the cooking time more closely and pulled them out when they were still a little soft but a skewer came out slick with no clumps of batter.  The texture was very good.

Collard Greens Volunteers

I forgot to mention a few days ago that I processed all those collard greens volunteers I picked.  You have to blanch most produce before freezing in order to stop the ripening process.  You can follow directions from a site such as this, but here is what I did: After rinsing them and tearing off the stems, I chopped them and steamed them 4 minutes, then cooled them in my salad spinner filled with water about 4 min, then squeezed them out and let them dry a bit in clumps on a towel.  When I was done, I put them all in a freezer bag.  It took about an hour and filled a gallon bag.

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