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Old Forge, NY

Posted by tinako on June 5, 2010

Over the weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in the Adirondacks.  We stayed at a motel with a mini fridge, so I had brought along cereal and soymilk for our breakfasts.  I also brought snacks like trail mix, almonds, Triscuits, pretzels, apples, oranges and sliced red pepper.  For lunch I had the cold salad I picked up at Wegman’s yesterday at their vegetarian buffet – that was good – their herb baked tofu is terrific.

For dinner we went out to Sisters Bistro in Old Forge.  This was a cute place, and it was a nice day so we sat on the porch and listened to the motorcycles roar by –  I would have chosen a different town if I had known there was a rally this weekend.  But if noisy, they were very well behaved.  They even wore uniforms – black leather vests were de rigueur.

Anyway, the food was very good, with as many items in their “Flora” section of the menu as the “Fauna.”  Though, I must admit I find the word fauna in this context somewhat unsettling, even revolting, since it brings up images of animals running around in nature.  There were several vegan options, and many thanks to the waitress for warning us the servings were very small, 5 oz. of food, so we might want to order two.  I ordered “White bean hummus, charred, tomato, pickled rd onion, and tortilla” and “Roasted vegetable crepe, hazlenut, green onion, and saffron.”  Both were artfully presented on square white plates, and both were very good.  The crepe was tied up by a green onion, like a sachet, full of the tiny shreds of filling.  The tortillas were small crisp triangles that you would use to scoop up the hummus.

I don’t usually talk in my blog about what my husband eats, but he ordered a steak.  I asked if he wasn’t going to order a second thing and he said no, so I felt free to snicker when his meal arrived and it was three tiny slices of meat, and a similarly sized pile of mushrooms, which he hates.  After 20 years I can do that.  Hey, I offered him some of mine, but he declined.

They even had vegan dessert, but the two choices didn’t thrill my husband and we knew it would be teeny tiny and so decided to skip it.  I had brought a dark chocolate bar, so we had that later with a bottle of wine.

We wanted to do the whole cliche, so we went to a movie at the cute Strand Theater, where I found Wonka SweetTarts, my favorites.


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