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The Daily Plate

Posted by tinako on June 12, 2010

Pasta Marinara, Focaccia, Lasagna Rollups, Green Beans

I’ve been watching a free online psychology class about food, and the first assignment is to enter three days worth of what we eat into a nutrition calculator and then write about the experience.

So today I’m going to put down everything I ate.  Breakfast was two slices of whole wheat raisin toast with Earth Balance non-dairy butter, 12 oz. of grapefruit juice, a Tums, and 1000 IU vitamin D2.

Lunch was one small leftover slice of veggie pizza and 12 oz. low-salt veggie juice.

I ate a kohlrabi while I cooked dinner, which was Lasagna Rollups, Focaccia, microwaved green beans, and 8 oz. red wine.

Dessert was a Coconut Chocolate Chip Cake.  I replaced 1/2 c of the white flour with whole wheat pastry flour, 2 T of the oil with prune puree, the vanilla with 3/4 t coconut extract, and added 1 c coconut.  OMG!  Why did I never do this before?

And here is all that as tediously entered in at myplate1

It seems like a pretty good site if you’re looking to track nutrition really closely, whether for just a few days or for long term weight loss and maintenance.  There are some entries I didn’t think were very accurate, such as the cheeseless pizza – 36 calories?  But I was surprised at the calories in 2 T olive oil (240 calories) compared with 8 oz. wine (170) – I had the idea wine was more caloric than it is.  I didn’t find it too terribly difficult to keep track of what and how much I had eaten, but entering it into the computer was a pain for the more complicated recipes; I guess you’re supposed to enter the recipe in on a separate page but I’m not that committed to the site.  For a few entries such as the raisin bread and lasagna, I just picked the closest thing and hoped for the best.  The focaccia I picked first had cholesterol, so I just entered it as flour and dipping olive oil.

It would be nice if the site tracked servings of fruit and veggies.  Though I’m glad it doesn’t nag me about milk.

If you’re watching along, here is the link to one of the required readings: Eaton, Boyd “The Ancestral Diet: What Was It and Should It Be a Paradigm for Contemporary Nutrition?”


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