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The Daily Plate, Day 2

Posted by tinako on June 13, 2010

Whole Wheat Pancakes

I’m continuing with my three day trial of keeping track of the nutritional data for everything I eat, as assigned by the professor at this online food psychology class I’m “taking.”  I’ve been calling it “The Daily Plate” because that is where the teacher directed us, but when I went there and clicked on what he said to, it redirected me and seems to actually be the MyPlate tool on the LiveStrong website.

Today’s meals in my usual, but more thorough, format: Breakfast was Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberry-Raspberry-Blackberry Syrup and grapefruit juice.

Lunch was leftover whole wheat penne with Tomato Coulis and Cashew Parmesan, green beans, and no-salt veggie juice.

Blueberry-Blackberry-Raspberry Syrup

I had an orange mid-afternoon, and then dinner at my folks’ was Helen’s Kitchen Hearty Bean Chili with a Yuengling Porter, and dessert was a So Delicious vanilla ice cream sandwich.

Not all beer is vegan, as some beer either includes animal products in the actual beer, or is filtered through animal products such as fish.  Barnivore is a good site for checking, since most manufacturer’s sites do not address this issue.  Yuengling is vegan.

Here is the day’s intake (as well as my exercise) from The Daily Plate: MyPlate 2.  Today I used the My Recipe feature and then indicated I ate some of that recipe, instead of entering the portion of the ingredients right into the day’s intake, and it was about the same amount of work but much less confusing, and of course I wouldn’t have to enter it all in again next time I eat it.  You have the option of sharing the recipe, but that would mean entering all the directions, so I’m not doing that.

A couple of things surprised me today after I entered the food.  One was how much sodium is in that Tomato Coulis.  I think the problem is the original recipe called for either fresh or canned tomatoes and then didn’t adjust the salt to account for the ton of salt in canned tomatoes.  I did notice it was kind of salty, so I am removing the salt from my directions.

I noticed again that alcohol is not as calorie-dense as I had thought – the beer was about the same as the wine, at 150 calories.  While I would love to have a beer or glass of wine with every dinner, I still plan to continue holding back to four drinks a week, for caloric and economic reasons.

I used the site in a different way today.  Mid-afternoon I entered breakfast and lunch in, and then was hungry so put in 1/4 c tamari almonds to check out the impact, and I was shocked to see that they would be about 350 calories.  I had gone over my target calories yesterday, so decided to try another snack, wasabi peas.  These were much better at about 70 calories, but didn’t look like they would fill me up, so I went for an orange instead.  So I think this site could be very good to find out what to eat beforehand.  What a concept.  Almonds offer a lot of health benefits and I still plan to eat them; I always measured them out, but I’ll have even more awareness now, maybe think about what else I’ve been eating that day.

As I said, I entered my exercise in and was surprised at how much that did for me (see the very bottom of the MyPlate link above).  I run and walk for fun and relaxation and cardiovascular health, so this was just a bonus.  I could have added in an additional dessert, the equivalent of that lovely cake I had yesterday.  I had decided this morning that since we’d have dessert at my parents’ I would definitely not be having a second dessert later tonight.

I guess the last thing I noticed was that my calorie intake varies considerably from day to day.  I ate over 2500 calories yesterday and under 1800 today, before subtracting out the over 600 I burned.  I had lowered my calorie target today to aim for a pound a week weight loss, and I still have 725 calories available.  But I’m not hungry now and  figure the two days cancel each other out.


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