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Back to my slothful ways

Posted by tinako on June 15, 2010

I am glad to be done with data entry at MyPlate, but I was still a pretty good girl today.  So far.

Breakfast was the same as always and lunch was leftover dinner.  Dinner was a parade of leftovers that I didn’t measure or photograph: Tabouleh, Warm Lentil Salad, Focaccia, whole wheat pasta with Tomato Coulis, and the one thing I “cooked,” Microwaved Swiss Chard.  I had a red pepper for an evening snack, but I’m heading back into the kitchen for something more caloric right now.

But first I want to mention that while I was running today I listened to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau‘s latest podcast “Losing Weight Part 1: Calorie Expenditure,” and it’s on the exercise half of the weight loss equation.  She does a great job of explaining clearly what needs to happen and how much of an impact various exercises can have.  Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic page she used as a source.  I’m not trying to lose weight – I exercise for overall health and because it makes me feel good – but I found the episode very interesting and helpful.


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