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Gas Station Dining

Posted by tinako on June 19, 2010

We went down to my parents cottage this afternoon and planned ahead to pick up dinner at a Subway we found through Google maps.  I rather hopelessly checked out a few other restaurants that would be on the way down, but most of them do not serve vegetables.  Well, I could get a plain salad.  Possibly pasta, but I would have to call each one and sound like a weirdo asking whether they have dairy in their marinara sauce – I am really tired of doing that, especially in this region.  I have a strong hunch that my daughter and I are the only vegans in the county.

We had trouble finding the Subway and that was because it was inside a convenience store for a gas station.  So that is what it has come around to: the healthiest food in the region is to be found at the back of a gas station.  I’m grateful!  I got a veggie sandwich on whole wheat with everything.  They had spinach so I got that instead of lettuce, and of course plenty of hot peppers.  That sandwich was smokin’!

During the drive I listened to a series of podcasts from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, out of Yale.  This center is run by the professor whose class I am watching online.  I like them.  There are shorter 3-4 minute ones on such subjects as discrimination against obese patients in hospitals and getting trans fats out of restaurants, and longer 20 minute ones interviewing experts.


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