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Posted by tinako on June 22, 2010


Eh, we had tofu or something for dinner, but I’ll skip right to the Fudge.  My gol, check it out – two pounds of sugar!!  I made a quarter recipe, but still…

Despite my son’s pestering, I do not allow this to be a habit.  I had to enter the recipe in this blog today because I have not made this in over a year.  Look for it again in late 2011.

I have also included directions for making the World’s Smallest Batch of Fudge, which I sometimes have when I need a chocolate hit.

I think I can feel my heart thumping with a sugar high.  And my pancreas is begging for mercy.


2 Responses to “Fudge!”

  1. That looks ridiculously amazing!!! Perhaps bikini season is not the best time to devour this….saving for the fall and bulky sweater weather!!

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