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Burrito Gigante

Posted by tinako on June 23, 2010

It was our kids’ last day of school, both of them moving on to new schools, and so we took them out to dinner, John’s Tex Mex.  Very good, and I think most items on their menu could be made vegan – they offered spicy baked tofu and TVP “un-beef” along with the meat options for each dish, choose one of two beans types to add, and choose four of about 12 fillings, most of which were vegan.  So my burrito had rice and black beans, tofu, corn, spinach, tomatoes, and… can’t remember.  It was huge and pretty spicy and very tasty.  The chips and salsa were very good too.  The TVP and tofu were too spicy for my daughter, though.


For dessert I made Blondies, this time with 4 T margarine and no chocolate chips.  I also only cooked them for 25 minutes – the skewer came out clean and they were starting to get really brown on the edges.  They were OK, but as I was eating them I found myself thinking, this tastes like butter and flour and sugar mixed together and fried – am I this desperate for empty calories?  I think part of my problem is that I never really had blondies very much before, so I’m not sure what they’re supposed to taste like.  If they’re supposed to taste like chocolate-free brownies, then this isn’t it.  I may be confusing them with bar cookies.  Maybe these needed to be cooked more, but I think when you cook this recipe more it just gets hard.  They still seemed kind of greasy.  I don’t know.  I made Blondies from a box mix once and they were not too different from this.


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