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Posted by tinako on July 10, 2010

I went to the farm market just up the road today and got a huge lettuce, some green beans, a yellow squash, and some whole wheat flour.  They don’t have tomatoes yet; I saw corn, but it was very expensive.  Mostly this Amish market is very, very inexpensive.  I buy pretty much all our produce there.  They’re just starting to sell things like flours, turbinado sugar, yeast, and raisins, all at bulk prices.  They had an astonishingly low price on coconut oil, less than half the typical price.  I bought some at the grocery store but haven’t used any yet because it’s so expensive!  Now that I know I can get it cheaper, I will give it a try.

We had another barbeque, this time for ten people.  I like to eat barbeque, but it’s a lot of work for me, kind of a drag actually.  I really underappreciated my Mom.  Before I went vegetarian I don’t think I ever offered to help her.

I started a little after 4:00, making a triple recipe of Tabouleh.  I didn’t have any tomato so I used cucumber, and the optional mint.  I put in the listed amount of salt but it was very salty.  Either my tastes have changed or it is from using different measuring spoons here.  It had time to sit and cogitate before we ate, and didn’t seem quite so salty in the end.

Next I made two cakes, a Chocolate Chip Cake and a Cocoa Cake.

I microwaved some tofu for my son, who has been bugging me for it all week.  I only microwaved it on one side so it would be a little wetter, with no soy sauce, and only brushed some olive oil on before grilling, per his instructions.

I made Balsamic Marinade (forgot to bring the recipe, I’ll post it later), a recipe I’ve been using for 20 years.  I liked it much better than the marinade I made last week, which had little flavor.  I used lots of herbs from my garden: sage, chives, cilantro, parsley, and thyme.  Anything calling for garlic recently I used the tops (scapes?) from my garden garlic.

Into the marinade I plopped some mini sweet peppers (seeded and halved), whole peeled carrots (microwaved until tender-crisp), a green and a yellow squash (cut in half or in thirds lengthwise), two portobello mushrooms (in 1″ wide strips, thanks Dad!), and white asparagus (ends trimmed).

Next I made a tossed salad: lettuce (thanks to my new aunt for the help there!), cucumber, Tofu Feta, red and yellow sweet pepper, and some herbs like wood sorrel, cilantro, and purple and lime basil.  To go on this I put out the leftover Mustard Vinaigrette and Tomato-Basil Dressing.

My aunt brought a pasta salad with some lovely globe basil leaves in it.


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