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Boulder, Colorado

Posted by tinako on August 7, 2010

We took a trip to visit my brother in Boulder.  We had lunch at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.  Terminal C had several vegan options for us.  I got a portobello sandwich, a grilled sandwich with portobello and asparagus and I can’t remember what else.  It was a bit greasy, as grilled sandwiches should be, but also very messy to eat, since they made a halfway attempt to cut it, but only made it through one piece of the large bread and none of the vegetables.  Ciao is a stand that has a lot of fresh options – two types of fruit salad (one mostly melon, one mostly berries), a veggie tray which unfortunately comes with ranch dressing, and a hummus tray which I would have gotten if I hadn’t already gotten the sandwich, as well as bananas and apples.

Glazed Walnuts

Glazed Walnuts

Dinner was at my brother’s.  He and I biked (after all, this is Boulder) to the local trendy market and got stuff for the week and for dinner.  He and I cooked dinner, which was a box mix of tabouleh, a salad including julienned apples, peas in their pods and Glazed Walnuts: my brother just put some raw walnuts in a small frypan (no oil needed) and heated them, maybe on medium?, adding sugar, he said about 4 spoonfuls for this 1/2 c of walnuts.  His girlfriend made the Orange Balsamic Dressing, which was so simple and perfect with the apples: just mix some orange juice with balsamic vinegar.  She used store-bought fresh-squeezed OJ and a particularly strong/sweet balsamic, practically a syrup.


Dinner also included edamame with kosher salt and grilled asparagus, zucchini, carrots, and portobello mushroom.

Dessert was raspberry sorbet with fresh mint and blueberries – lovely!


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  1. […] to do my own Glazed Almonds.  I didn’t bother to look anything up, just give it a try like my brother had done with walnuts.  I coarsely chopped a cup of raw almonds I had in the freezer and sauteed them with 1/4 c […]

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