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Estes Park and Boulder

Posted by tinako on August 8, 2010


We were in Estes Park, Colorado at lunchtime, and things were not looking good.  This is a little tourist town where you can buy postcards, $1.99 harmonicas, and rubber chickens.  Most of the menus were burgers burgers burgers.  One place had a healthy-wannabe look, but a close examination of their menu made me laugh.  They had a veggie burger, which was probably a processed mystery patty; I didn’t bother asking after I noticed that their other veggie option, a Vegetarian Enchilada, consisted of lettuce, tomato, and cheese on a tortilla.  We passed unhealthy restaurant after restaurant.  A Mexican place was a possibility, and finally a Subway’s presented itself, but then, (angelic choir here), next door to Subway’s was Nepal’s, an Indian restaurant that was at that moment setting up its lunch buffet.  Fantastic!!  $9 bought all the curry that anyone who is about to drive up winding mountain roads should eat.  And a couple doors down was a shop that was selling vegan cookies!  If you’re looking for Nepal’s, it’s not on the main drag but around behind by the creek, with patio seating in a parklike plaza.


We had dinner at Agave Mexican restaurant in Boulder.  My daughter and I wanted their tamales, but they pre-make them with cheese.  She got a kids burrito with black beans and rice, which she loved, and I got my brother’s suggestion, Molcajete del Campo, which is sort of a thick stew served in a stone pot which is bubbling frighteningly when they serve it.  You pick out the veggies, which include cactus, and put them on little tortillas.  I asked for it without cheese but I have a sneaking suspicion there was cheese in it – something was stringy.  We all had chips and salsa – the waitress makes the salsa right there at the table in one of those stone pots, but unfortunately she made it quite spicy when we had asked for mild so the kids could have some.

My brother’s girlfriend very kindly ordered and picked up a vegan chocolate cake for my brother’s birthday.  It was made with tofu icing, which the chef managed to make not taste like tofu.  Why can’t I do that?  Very good!  We had raspberry sorbet with it.  Yum!


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