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Boulder and Longmont

Posted by tinako on August 10, 2010

Aji on a less lovely day

We had lunch at Aji Latin American restaurant in Boulder, Colorado.  We could have eaten at a vegetarian restaurant next door but an omnivore in our group didn’t think he would find anything to eat there.  At Aji my daughter and I shared two entrees, a Taco Salad, which was somewhat plain, and a fabulous entree I don’t see on the menu at that link.  It had a funny name but was two tamales with vegetables, corn, and corn meal, sprinkled with teeny tiny shreds of fried sweet potato and red pickled cabbage I think, on a bed of quinoa, with a pureed squash garnish.  It was lovely and delicious and clearly took a tremendous amount of thought, time, and work to pull together.  My only criticism would be that the quinoa was bland.

They had thoughtful beverages as well.  We tried Ginger Lemonade and Ice Tea, and both were very nice to enjoy on a hot day on a downtown Boulder patio.

Dinner was a last-minute invitation to a relative’s house and I arranged with her what I could bring for us to eat.  Since we had had such filling lunches, I didn’t worry too much, but picked up a box of Zatarain’s Black Rice and Beans, knowing my kids love it.  We also got chips and salsa, and our relative had 3-bean salad, pistachios, and pecan-stuffed dates.


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