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Mitchell Lake and Boulder

Posted by tinako on August 14, 2010

I cleaned my vegan stuff out of my brother’s fridge for a picnic near Mitchell Lake: edamame with kosher salt, microwaved tofu, the melon and trail mix I bought, and the kids’ leftover salads.

My brother made an elaborate dinner that had him slaving away in the kitchen for hours.  I like to cook, but I get really fidgety if a recipe has lots of fussy parts.  We started with a delicious chilled Fresh Pea Soup.  It’s fresh in that you make it with frozen peas instead of dry split peas.  The professional chef who taught him how to make it uses cream, but he just used less water to keep it thick and it was wonderful.  It was topped with a dollop of salad which was just slivered radishes, apples, and asparagus, marinated in champagne vinegar for 30 minutes.

The next dish was a lovely salad, and then pizza, which he makes in a very particular way.  He drives many miles to get finely ground “OO”-style flour imported from Italy, and the recipe uses about 4 c of flour but only 1/4 t yeast, letting the dough rest overnight.  This is supposed to give it tang and make it stronger and easier to work with.  He makes a simple sauce with just San Marzano tomatoes and garlic, tops the four pizzas very lightly, using no oil, and cooks them one after the other on a pizza stone for only 8 minutes each, adding fresh basil towards the end.

I topped mine lightly with Gimme Lean “sausage,” zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, and garlic.   It was excellent, thin and flavorful.

Also on the table were radishes and hummus, watermelon, and two kinds of wine.

Dessert was almost the last of the chocolate birthday cake.


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