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Posted by tinako on August 19, 2010

We had burrito soup for dinner, so called because I filled it with yesterday’s burrito leftovers: Southwestern Black Beans, brown rice, sauteed squash and corn, as well as rainbow carrots, fresh green beans, fresh sage, and two Massel “chicken style” bouillon cubes that came as a sample in the package of Ami vegan catfood from vegessentials.

We were not sure we wanted our soup to taste like a dead bird, but I was out of regular bouillon, and it was pretty good – the flavoring from beans and the sage meant the bouillon flavor was not too strong.  It was similar enough to what I recall chicken tasting like that if I had been at a restaurant I would have been concerned.  My son has never had chicken, so he couldn’t pick out the flavor.  My daughter accidentally ate chicken broth at camp one time and so she didn’t like this soup.

Also served were the last of the Apple Wheat Rolls, still delicious, and some more tomatoes with basil, olive oil, s & p.

Dessert was the other half of yesterday’s birthday cake.


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