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Sushi and Rice Pudding

Posted by tinako on August 26, 2010

My parents came for dinner and I made Sushi with microwaved tofu, red peppers, and chives, and also Southeast Asian Greens and Noodles.

I don't suppose pudding is ever particularly photogenic.

By request I made Rice Pudding for dessert.  It was going great, but I fell apart at the end and forgot the initial serving suggestion said to serve it with soymilk.  It was very good but would have been even better thinner, I think.  It was more like oatmeal than pudding, but that’s OK because I miss oatmeal so much (I’m allergic).


2 Responses to “Sushi and Rice Pudding”

  1. spacialsimplicity said

    This looks so delicious 😮
    I’m really hungry right now and nothing in the kitchen tastes or looks as good (Yes pudding, you’re sexy in my eyes compared to what’s in the kitchen) as the food you show here.

    I miss sushi and wish that I could either learn how to make it or local sushi bars would acknowledge vegetarians/vegans as potential customers as sushi lovers also.

    • tinako said

      It’s not hard to make. I learned from the Post Punk Kitchen video. Follow my sushi recipe link and you’ll get there.

      What’s in your kitchen? Challenge me.

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