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The Holiday Weekend

Posted by tinako on September 6, 2010

Saturday we were invited to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner.  I brought corn on the cob, Tofurkey Beer Brats and Ezekiah whole wheat hot dog rolls, and a bottle of wine.  Our hosts added leftover Salat Tangiers and we were good to go.

Sunday a different aunt and uncle visited us.  I put out some raw veggies and they brought two kinds of Tribe hummus.  One was Classic, the other was Pizza Hummus.  Despite having a picture of cheese pizza on the lid, it has no cheese and is vegan.  My aunt swears she can taste cheese in it, but it has no cheese-like ingredients, just tomatoes and some Italian herbs, so I think it’s just psychological.  I used to work in a warehouse, and sometimes I could swear I smelled pizza back in the racks.  Then I realized the smell was actually wet cardboard, and I had just associated that with take-out pizza.

Sunday night we had takeout pizza for dinner and I also made Brownies of my Dreams for around a bonfire.


This afternoon I stopped at a farm stand and cleaned them out of hot peppers.  Also bought a bunch of yellow sweet peppers, all to freeze.  You can get very good prices this time of year.  Those are jalapenos in the colander, red Hungarian wax and sweet yellow peppers in the foreground, and the basket is from my cottage garden, mostly Roma tomatoes but also some jalapenos and the big green ones are Anaheim peppers.

Tonight we had leftover Shepherd’s Pie, corn on the cob, and tomatoes with salt and pepper.


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