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Soup Night

Posted by tinako on September 7, 2010

For lunch today I picked up a salad and a hot entree from the veggie bar at Wegman’s.  I noticed that they had fallen off the wagon as far as labeling things vegetarian or vegan.  Often the ingredients are listed there, but it is tedious and sometimes inconclusive to try to figure it out from that.  I found at least one item that from its ingredients appeared vegan but was labeled vegetarian.  I talked to Julie Jordan, who was tending the food, and she agreed that they could do better.

It was disappointing to see that so many of the hot items, many of which do not have ingredients lists, appear vegan (for instance a stir fry with tofu), but are marked vegetarian.  I asked Julie about that and she said it was probably butter.  Butter in an Asian stir fry?  Why?  I think there were only about three hot vegan main-dish items, and I tried two.  They would have been better hot at the store than wheeled around the store, driven home, and then sat on the counter while I put the groceries in the fridge.  But that’s not Wegman’s fault.  There was a rectangular patty, maybe cashew loaf? that was better than I thought it would be considering it had no sauce; it turned out pretty moist on its own.  Julie said they don’t put sauce on because it would fall apart.  The other hot vegan entrees were a stuffed pepper, which I skipped, and a cashew stir-fry, which was fine.

I was pleased to see that some items have nutritional info.  Eric Wendorff had indicated three months ago that they would like to do that more but it is not as easy as it sounds when they’re developing new recipes.  Hopefully this trend will continue.

Julie said three of the four salad dressings were vegan, including the one marked as such, Vegan Ranch.  One of their chefs makes it.  I was excited about that because, while ranch is not my favorite, it’s my family’s, and not having found a decent vegan ranch either commercially or via recipe, I had to buy non-vegan and that kind of bums me out.  This was pretty good, I thought.  For ranch.

Refrigerator Soup, Corn Sticks, and Edamame

Dinner was Refrigerator Soup made with olive oil, garlic, a carrot, a potato, collard greens, sage, and Massel “chicken style” bouillon cubes.  Also we had Corn Sticks and microwaved Edamame.


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  1. […] nice he was.  Check out his web site for a few free recipes.  Many thanks to Wegman’s chef Eric Wendorff for bringing Tal here. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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