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Well, it may cause cancer, but it’s so good!

Posted by tinako on September 20, 2010

OK, I just had to pass this wisdom from the “Dairy Products and Risk of Breast Cancer.”

QUESTION: What information do you have regarding Jane Plant’s book [Understanding, Preventing, and Overcoming Breast Cancer]? Is dairy-free really a miracle cure?

ANSWER: The dairy-free diet is intriguing, but it’s certainly not a miracle cure. It’s true that cows are sometimes fed lots of hormones to increase their milk production, as well as antibiotics, and that the grass or hay they eat may contain some pesticides. Toxins do tend to be stored in fats or “hang out” in fat. Dairy products tend to be full of fats. Cheese, for example, is basically concentrated animal (cow) fat (and very delicious! — I can’t live without blue cheese myself). So if it’s true that fat isn’t good for you because of the possible toxins in them, and because they can increase blood cholesterol, etc., then a diet that limits dairy fats is probably a good idea. Having said that, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Non-fat organic dairy products can be very healthy and tasty. Keep in mind that life is meant to be enjoyed. Organic regular cheese can be an occasional special treat. And a nice bowl of ice cream every once in a while is a great way to celebrate a good day or a wonderful moment.

—Marisa Weiss, M.D.

You don’t have to be a doctor or know anything about this book to break down this Q&A:

Q: Will eating less dairy prevent or stop breast cancer?

A: I don’t actually know but I’m going to begin by stating that it won’t.    The idea makes a lot of sense because hormones and antibiotics are normally stored in fat and dairy tends to have a lot of fat, which also can raise your cholesterol.  But it tastes good.

Dr. Weiss, tasting good does not change its effect on cancer and is irrelevant to the question.


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